This project began when I wanted a beautiful small footprint box to keep my fountain pens in on my desk. That was the beginning! I am an artist who like many enjoy beauty in even the simplest items in our lives. These boxes are designed to be very useful. They hold a variety of pen sizes. The first row works well for small pocket sized pens and still allows easy access. Most of the boxes will hold a 6" pen.  The bottom of each box is lined with 1/4" thick wool felt pad which is covered in matching leather. The thick pad makes a nice soft landing for your fine writing implements. Most of the boxes will hold sixteen pens.

I came up with a list of goals for this project which are fluid as the project grows.

#1 The box must be visually and tactilely beautiful to go with the beauty of fine writing implements.
#2 Caring environment for each pen.
#3 Each pen must be easily accessible.
#4 The box must have a small footprint to fit on a desk.

Base price for an average hand finished box with padauk wood  grid sections, leather lined box and image in lid is $150.00 .Fully lined grid sections $200.00 . They make a stunning addition to your desk and writing experience.

The images inside of the lid can be custom images as well. If you have a beautifully scripted quote or an image, I can put that inside the lid. More images will be added as time passes.

I am working on bronze decorations for the exterior of some boxes, I am thinking of nibs, ink blots and more.

Please email for quotes, time frames for customizations, finished box inventory, etc.  I will reply as soon as possible.